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Research Journal - Sept 2nd, 2021

I was working with/around an AmiMaj7, with a lot of focus on the low end. I lowered the 100Hz band today which improved tuning on the As, and allowed me to use a simpler fingering for the A just above the staff (+EbBb rather than +23456Bb), while still allowing the lowest tones to feedback. Changing this band did sharpen the low C, which is fine, considering it should be higher than equal temperament in this triad.

I've been really digging into feedback this week and have not actually blown into my horn very much! Part of the tuning change was inspired by me thinking: "ok, I need to be working on the conventional + feedback on a regular basis, otherwise, I'm going to lose my chops." Not only was this new fingering for A easier, but it allowed me to fairly freely play along with it as a drone.

There really is a lot of subtlety in this system. Making slight changes to bands on the EQ pedal or the EQ pots on the amp or compression pedal often effect a wide range of notes. Additionally, despite being right next to the amp at all times, it seems like certain fingerings fail to consistently give the same pitch, or perhaps slowly change? It could also be my ears that are slowly shifting to and from wanting to hear things in equal temperament. Turning the amp on and off, or taking a little break often seems to remedy this.

I thought about taking out my little NFT notes from the bottom of this page, but this is a technology I've been interested in lately and I was writing down some names and terms a friend gave to me. NFTs seem to be the only thing in the digital realm that can replicate the sense of scarcity and ownership that used to exist when music was all analogue. 'Minting' some NFTs of my more extended and practice improvisations would be a fun exercise.

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