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Research-Creation Journal // Sept 13, 2021

Every day presents more vocabulary, more gestures! I'm reaching a point now where I'll need to start categorizing the things I'm working on, not just by key but also by type: such as feedback alone, feedback as drone, feedback as melody over an ostinato, feedback in duet/harmony with conventional tone.

Because the feedback fingerings often require the use of one if not both pinkies, 'palm key' fingerings allow for more options for harmonies and duets. These fingerings, which are common in classical playing, differ in tuning and tone from horn to horn and do require a fair bit of finessing. You'll also notice that I'm not using my palm for any of those keys on the right hand, but rather my thumb and fingers. Both videos show two passages that use these palm keys (including right hand shenanigans I just mentioned), and, as always, are based off my staff-paper sketches.

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