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Debut Solo Album

This is a collection of tunes and improvisations I did as part of research and creation grant funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

I borrow the album name, Involution, from the book Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake. This word was recommended by anthropologists Myers and Hustak to best capture the entangled pushing and pulling of "organisms constantly inventing new ways to live with and alongside one another."

I felt like this was a guiding principle for my creative work over the past several years: that I wasn't seeking to use analogue devices to add "effects" to my saxophone but to integrate them, and all their noise and idiosyncrasies, into my setup to develop new techniques and sounds.

I will have a limited run of cassettes accompanying this release, all of which will be produced on second hand, Type I tapes that I have thrifted.

You can see performances of these tunes on my YouTube channel @gregthesquare4


released March 3, 2023

All music and performances by: Greg Bruce on soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, amp feedback, tape machines, OM-1, no-input mixing.
Recorded and Mixed by: Greg Bruce
Mastered by: Jake Nicoll @jake_nicoll_studio (IG)

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folk-funk-jazz sax machine

Greg is the leading creative force behind this award-winning ensemble.

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Recorded Oct 18 2020

Here is an audio-only version of Greg's  performance for his Fall 2020 Lecture-Recital at the University of Toronto.

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Acoustic + Electroacoustic

Greg is an experienced performer and improvisor in acoustic and electroacoustic settings. Some of these works were developed in the moment, others over many months. Follow him on soundcloud for updates.

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St. John's Indie Rock

Greg has played a variety of instruments with numerous bands in St. John's and Toronto. Here he is with funk-rock-skankers Baytown on tenor sax and flute.

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