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Research-Creation Journal // Sept 20 - 22, 2021

The sessions are becoming more structured, but as I'm settling in, I'm realizing that I have more commitments than just experimenting with feedback! I have one more recital to do for my DMA at U of T, and I've got most of my rep picked out. While none of it will be as fun as this, there will be some important works in there that are very related to my research. And for this recital, I want to perform my third etude, which I'm slowly cobbling together from recent discoveries. This recital will mark the end of my "academic" creative work and allow me to fully commit to my professional research-creation.

A couple of discoveries: a new note / fingering, that I hope to use in my etude and some wild physical distortion coming from the amp on my lowest feedback note (Bb).

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