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Research Journal - Aug 25, 2021.

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

I've decided to document my research in feedback saxophone more thoroughly and systematically. The media in these posts will not be edited for social media purposes, as they are primarily meant to record and categorize my work and discoveries. Perhaps in the future I will do some sort of an exhibit to show this side of my research in a more artistic fashion, but certainly parts the media in this journal will find its way into less ethereal improvisations, pieces, scores, articles, and of course, my thesis.

Today, I worked on material centred around A (on Bb Tenor), using DPA 4061 mic. "A" is more like A+$0.2 for tuning: in order to get the higher notes, in this case the C# and octave A (see staff paper), to feedback, the tone knob on the compressor needs to be turned up to 1200, which sharpens the scale overall. The fingerings cover many keys, greatly limiting the possible blown/conventional sax tones, so I stuck to feedback only.

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