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Research Journal - Aug 30, 2021

Not much to report, except a few thoughts:

There's much more that can be done with my low feedback vocab, like some kind of Dan Deacon inspired triad tune.

I'm struggling with what vocabulary to build: microtonal playing feels much more idiomatic and definitely will come out more in improvising without having built the muscle memory around tonal gestures. Does that limit the types of collaborations I will be able to do in the future? Already it seems like working with equal-tempered instruments will be an issue. Nevertheless, playing equal tempered is the harder thing at the moment, so that's what I will attempt to do.

I've been really interested in what people are doing with tape these days...the imperfection of the medium is well-aligned with the imperfection of feedback. The lack of the ability to edit also lends itself to improvising. One of the main concepts of my research explores how analogue technology influences the musical processes and products, in my case feedback saxophone, and using an analog medium to record these processes and products seems natural. So, I found a Tascam 424 mk II which I am really excited about - now to find tapes!


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