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Research-Creation Journal // Sept 15 - 17

I had a full few days this week at the end of this week. Not busy, as some of the things I chose to do were relaxing and fun, but it filled the time and pushed certain things (like daily blog posts) out.

I am really digging into the cassette tape music scene. There are lots of artists making very cool music using tape, and there remains a large community of people that simply love the format for a variety of reasons. To find out more, I made a post on the subreddit, r/CassetteCulture, to ask: "why cassettes?" and the answers were amazing.

Seeing how my research is interested on how analogue media can influence performance practice, it's not a far leap to see the interest in analogue media and its connection to how music is consumed. But there are questions that come up between these two like: how may analogue media influence how we record music, what we record, even how we document research/research-creation. I won't be answering these questions as part of my thesis, but I will be exploring them through my creative practice, which feels really exciting.

I didn't record any videos from these days. My sessions were more structured, however, and I didn't feel like I had anything fluid enough that I could improvise with. I'm getting into metronome work with gestures I've worked out, and tweaking some harmonic and rhythmic patterns to be more interesting, so it feels like things are solidifying and that I'm close to beginning a new piece or etude.


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