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Research-Creation Journal // Sept 14

Not much inspiration today, no video, and a lot of breaks in concentration during my studio time. It feels like I can discover new fingerings and build new riffs everyday, which is fun, but where does it lead? My practicing has not been very structured compared to when I'm preparing for a show - not having any end points right now means that there isn't a big drive to focus on one thing or really push my technique. I'm going to try this structure tomorrow:

Warmup A: feedback drones w scales and triads into altissimo as well as single harmony circular breathing exercises

Warmup B: moving through feedback tones beginning with LOW moving to HIGH

Review: gestures / riffs from previous days and weeks, not about speed, just refreshing

Compose: try and put material together

Discover: playful improv

Probably can do one warm up a day, and 2/3 of Review, Compose, Discover. Hopefully this improves my concentration and productivity and prepares me for when I'm setup in the studio and able to record.


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