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Lecture-Recital and Live(!?) Shows

Thank goodness for street-shows

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to roll with the proverbial pandemic punches, and I ended up having a very invigourating and rewarding fall. Thanks to my adventurous friends in Little Rambunctious, I played at least two sets a week outdoors from the beginning of August to the end of November. Our evenings playing in front of Pamenar Café in Kensington Market were especially memorable. Once things open up, I would encourage you to visit them for amazing espresso, potent potables, and good hangs. While my foray into the unknown and experimental sides of the saxophone is very satisfying, nothing can compare to the spirit of generosity, spontaneity, and community that street performances create!


The other defining project of this fall has been my lecture-recital which will be released tomorrow, Dec 15th at 8am. I’ll also be going live at 630pm Eastern / 8pm (NL time) on the 15th to answer any questions and chat about my research. Here’s the YouTube link for the live discussion and here’s the link for the lecture-recital itself. I did the video edits and the mixing for this project, which has been a huge learning experience. For future projects I definitely need to plan to record far less in a day and reeeeaallly work on my speaking. Like any live recording, it is an imperfect but honest record of where (and what) I’m at. I hope you enjoy!

Live Shows

Now that I’m back in St. John’s, Newfoundland for the next while, I’m involved in my local projects. Thanks to the caution of the public here, live music events have reduced crowds but are still going ahead all the time. Unfortunately, all these events are 19+, so I’ll have to add all-ages events in the future. Here’s what I’m up to:

NightMusic #204.

Thursday, Dec 17th 8pm @ The Ship, $5 at the door.

I’ll be joining Nova Collective (Ben Diamond, Jack Etchegary, Emily Finch, Bert Power, Holly Winter), for some improvised / new music goodness.

Keelmas Cabaret

Saturday, Dec 19th 8pm @Velvet Lounge (McMurdo’s Lane).

$15. Email keelywhitelaw [at] gmail [dot] com for tickets.

I’m really excited to be working with my partner, Keely Whitelaw, in her first self-produced event, A Classic Keelmas Cabaret. Come out to see Keely and her crew of circus / aerialist performers. I’ll be closing out the evening with a trio, featuring Josh Ward (electric bass), Ash Chalmers (drums) and I (tenor sax), playing some #brasshouse / #cavemusic tunes I’ve sketched out. My long-time friend and collaborator, Los Beatniko, will be DJing the evening as well!

Holiday Horn Hop with Ouroboros

Tuesday, Dec 22nd 8pm @ The Rockhouse on George.

$20, tickets available at the Ship.

Our festival and Newfoundland tour plans this year were canned due to COVID, so we’re really looking forward to this event! Opening set by Kelly McMichael. Here’s the Facebook event.


Other things are in the works, so please follow me on Instagram and/or facebook to stay in the know.

Get Gifts and Support Artists

If you are looking for that special something for the music fan in our life, my band Ouroboros has some things you may be interested in.

This fall, we released our first play-along book which features the sheet music for the lead parts for all the songs of our award-winning album, Kitchuses. So you can learn the songs from our Bandcamp or Spotify pages, then download the play-along tracks from our webpage and be IN THE BAND - or at least feel like you’re in it! You can find the books at Fred’s or O’Brien's for $25 or reach out to me and buy from us directly.

Additionally, we got our dear friends at Toporama Prints to do the promotional material for our show on the 22nd, and they cooked up something a little extra:

These are limited edition, 4 colour, silk screen prints on Domtar acid-free paper. They are $30 each and can ONLY be bought from the band. Get yours now!


That's all for now, thank you for your time and your support! Stay well and stay safe.



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